Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you need more help, feel free to contact us anytime.

Payments are usually received within 24hrs of guests checking in. This can be delayed by weekends and public holidays, however this will all be discussed with you.

There is never a guarantee that a property will be let 100% of the time. BNB Care does not guarantee the number of bookings made, however, does its utmost to ensure that your property’s exposure is maximised through various platforms and strategies.

You can block out periods for personal use or for family and friends. After the stay, you will be responsible for the preparation of the property for the next booking, unless you instruct Bnbcare to undertake this. If Bnbcare prepares the property for the next booking, this will be charged to the owner. However all of this will be discussed with you so you are fully aware of all particulars.

If you want to give your friends a better deal you can do this by contacting BNBCare. Remember that BNBCare will still retain the full amount based on the full rate.

Photos are taken of all bookings both before and after cleans. Depending on the issues, BNBCare will contact you so you are aware of the issues, and will start the appropriate actions on the booking site with the guests. However this will all be discussed with you when we meet.

This will be discussed at our first meeting, however, remember that by providing the property on these platforms the reviews are very public. If you want good reviews and return guests, it is suggested that the linen be in excellent condition.

This is discussed at our first meeting, however, think about the cleanliness of properties that you have stayed at.

BNB Care can come to an agreement regarding the ongoing maintenance of your property, both inside and out.

You should check your Insurance Policy before entering into such an arrangement. If you find that it does not cover paying guests, you might like to contact Share Cover here to obtain a quote.

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