• I'm Reassured -

    I’m Reassured

      Thanks for bearing with me as I find my feet and a good routine to make sure I'm on top of the bookings and cleaning. It's reassuring to know I have a reliable cleaning team, so thankyou!

    Yasmin, Sydney

  • BNBCARE - Sleep in with Eva

    Great Job

      It looks like you've done a great job with the bookings and the positive comments

    Rachel, Sydney

  • BNBCARE - 503 by the Sea

    Excellent Management

    Thanks for your excellent management and help.

    Paul, Newcastle

  • BNBCARE has been an invaluable help -

    BNBCARE has been an invaluable help

    BNBCARE has been an invaluable help to the success of our airbnb listing. Besides cleaning and laundry service they do our departure check and any errands or other unexpected tasks that come up during a guest stay. We live in Hawaii so it's great to have a knowledgeable local resource; they are always prompt to respond to email communication.

    Jeanne and Terry, Hawaii

  • Appraisal was terrific

    I thought your appraisal was terrific. The generic material in it was helpful and illuminating, and saved me having to take the time to get my head around the key points. Thanks very much for coming to see the property and for the time and effort you put into preparing the appraisal. It was very much appreciated.