Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Four: The House Manual and Rules

Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Four: The House Manual and Rules -
28/03/2017 Airbnb Hosting


Guests love to know about you and  are also keen to find out about the area, but to some guests, using the washing machine or dishwasher is confusing. “Which buttons do I press?”

This is where the house manual is useful. If you have them,  include the instruction booklets for appliances – even these can be confusing. To make it easier, simplify the instructions with a step by step and it will make their stay far more relaxed. Other pieces of information that could be included in your manual are:

  • Which café has the best coffee or the cheapest meal on a particular night
  • The nearest children’s playground (for those with young children)
  • Information on the nearest doctor, dentist or emergency department
  • Cycling tracks in the local area
  • Departure information

Be sure to include a photo of you, the owner, and a little bit about yourself and the property. This is a great conversation starter for those who like to engage.

The other important information to add to the House Manual is your house rules – how many??

You can be sure that if you don’t have house rules, it gives your guests a green light to do just about anything!!  Like children, guests need rules so they know what they mostly shouldn’t do. This includes burning candles, using nail polish or hair dye. I know, these sound a bit crazy, but people do crazy things when they are on holidays. You can’t guarantee that all guests have a common sense that is the same as yours.

Now that I’ve scared you, I have found guests to be quite respectful of your property, but rules are a must. Without rules, they will not know what their limits are. Do you want them to park their car on the grass, or leave food in the fridge that will go off quickly? And as Australia is a drier country, request that they respect this fact and try to conserve water whilst showering.