Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Nine: The Reviews

30/04/2017 Airbnb Hosting

Now for the final step, well sort of – the review. If on Airbnb, you are invited to submit a review whether you are a guest or a host.  If you venture on as a host, you will have a mixture of  beautiful guests who

really appreciate the time and energy tAre you Airbnb Ready? Step Nine: The Reviews -aken to make their stay comfortable,  and then there are those who will never be  happy. If you experience the second type, with your review, stick to the facts and don’t expand too much. As a host, you can also reply to their review if you do not agree with it. Again, stick to the facts and be noice!

You have the opportunity of leaving a private review that is not public if there was something that you were not happy with, but think, do you want repeat visits and was it so bad that they left the dishwasher full of dirty dishes? They may have forgotten to put it on, or didn’t know how. It is  important to leave a realistic and true review of guests as this helps hosts to decide if they will accept bookings.

Also, think of reviews as an opportunity to alter your description or your house rules. I have found that guests do not read the description or rules right to the end so when they leave a review, this can be evident. This means the important stuff should be at the beginning of a description so the guests can’t miss it and subsequently leave a negative review because “I didn’t know the house was opposite a train line”. Yep, it has happened!