Higher Nightly Rate Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

We all want to obtain the highest return from our holiday rental property, but how do we do it? Generally when starting out and thinking about the rate to charge, the school of thought is to start low in the early days of your property’s exposure and then build. However, if you want to earn…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Nine: The Reviews

30/04/2017 Airbnb Hosting

Now for the final step, well sort of – the review. If on Airbnb, you are invited to submit a review whether you are a guest or a host.  If you venture on as a host, you will have a mixture of  beautiful guests who really appreciate the time and energy taken to make their stay…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Eight: Cleaning and all that

25/04/2017 Airbnb Hosting

Who loves cleaning – not me! But, I love the results such as higher ratings and more bookings. I find it a lot easier to get going immediately after the guests have left and prepare the property even if the next booking is not for another week. This means that if you have a surprise booking in…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Seven: Departure Check

15/04/2017 Airbnb Hosting

Will everything still be there, you ask yourself! Time will tell. It is a good idea to set a time when guests should depart as you may have a back to back booking and it takes time to manage the changeover of your property. The departure time is normally on the web platform and in…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Six: Your Guests

04/04/2017 Airbnb Hosting

  Sometimes guests arrive at a time that is difficult for you to agree to but this should be sorted well before they arrive. Ensure that contact details are exchanged just in case your arrangements cannot be met by either party.  You might decide that you are not interested in meeting the guests and set up…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Five: Waiting for that First Enquiry

30/03/2017 Airbnb Hosting

  In this era, people want things now so waiting for a response to an enquiry is agony for most guests. Don’t wait until the evening when you arrive home, make sure your Airbnb account sends all communications to both your email and your mobile phone as a text. This way, you can respond almost…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Four: The House Manual and Rules

28/03/2017 Airbnb Hosting

  Guests love to know about you and  are also keen to find out about the area, but to some guests, using the washing machine or dishwasher is confusing. “Which buttons do I press?” This is where the house manual is useful. If you have them,  include the instruction booklets for appliances – even these can…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Three: The Look

25/03/2017 Airbnb Hosting

How does your property look – you know, does it have a theme? Some houses have special themes, such as beach house, eclectic, vintage etc. Or is it the colour that sets the theme? Whatever  it is, good on you for taking the time and the energy to devise your theme. Theme aside, you might like…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Two: First Clean

22/03/2017 Airbnb Hosting

Before you offer your property, you need to find the definition of clean, and do just that. Remember when you were growing up and there was a lady two doors down who always had her apron on because she had a spotless house? I also remember those ladies who had a cleaning day allocated each…

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Are you Airbnb Ready? Step One: Setting up your listing

18/03/2017 Airbnb Hosting

I know I’ve called this step one, but there are heaps of stages in the process, so I decided to provide a brief introduction to the basics with this series. Now,  you’ve decided to offer  your property for holiday rental and you need to add stuff to one of the web platforms but which platform? Do…

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