Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Two: First Clean

Are you Airbnb Ready? Step Two: First Clean -
22/03/2017 Airbnb Hosting

Before you offer your property, you need to find the definition of clean, and do just that. Remember when you were growing up and there was a lady two doors down who always had her apron on because she had a spotless house? I also remember those ladies who had a cleaning day allocated each week. Boy were their homes clean.

Well that’s what you need to do BEFORE you let anyone near your property in exchange for money! 

I can truly say that guests can be quite picky when it comes to clean. I had a woman from an Eastern European country stay with me in the beginning, and I thought my home was clean. How wrong was I and let me tell you, how surprised was I as well! After receiving a 3 out of 5 which is not good when you need to be a bit competitive and it’s all out there for everyone to see, I analysed my definition of clean and changed my ways.

At least the experience taught me a lesson, but what’s worse in that case was that she was the unclean one. She left me a little surprise in the bathtub in the form of her peeling skin from her sunburn. It was an UGH moment for moi!

My point is there are all different degrees of clean when it comes to a property but in the beginning I would go for over the top and do a big clean and degrease. After that, it’s easy to maintain with a little bit of effort about every two months. In between the effort, it’s easy peasy as they say!