Are you Airbnb Ready? Step One: Setting up your listing

Are you Airbnb Ready? Step One: Setting up your listing -
18/03/2017 Airbnb Hosting

I know I’ve called this step one, but there are heaps of stages in the process, so I decided to provide a brief introduction to the basics with this series.

Now,  you’ve decided to offer  your property for holiday rental and you need to add stuff to one of the web platforms but which platform? Do a bit of homework yourself and then make a decision. You could not make a decision for weeks which platform you use as there are heaps to select from, but this could be time wasted! Whichever one you select, prepare the basic information as it will be used for most web platforms but consider the following:

Who do you market this property to?

If you have a one bedroom apartment, maybe it would be suitable for couples, so…..tell them about how comfortable the lounge is for cuddling up, or taking a walk to the local restaurant for a candlelit dinner. Does your property cater for families with children? Let them know where the closest park/skate bowl and child friendly restaurant is.

Does the title of your listing stand out from the crowds?

Think about something catchy that gets the attention of the right people – maybe name your property and then add the postcode, or say something about one of your features. Why would you say Apartment in Newcastle? There are heaps of apartments in Newcastle and the people looking know it’s in Newcastle because that’s the location they submitted for the search!!

How much do you charge vs what is it worth?

A whole heap of strategies could be used here, such as starting lower, but do you really want to miss out on income! I hear you say NO, so, make sure you offer your property for what it is worth. Once you start to receive enquiries and bookings, you know you’ve made the right decision. 

Professional photos versus your photos

If you have a property that is photogenic, like a cute 5 year old,  then you may not need to have a professional take the photos. Do a bit of analysis of the photos you have taken and you may be surprised. But please, do you really need to take a photo of the coffee cups? Who cares what coffee cups you have, potential guests want to know what the bathroom looks like and is there a tv in the lounge room. Remember potential guests have already decided to visit your area and can view photos of the location on the web at any time, so this is a chance for your property to be showcased.